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'some days are…better than others.'

i cheated big time on this one but i’m still counting it as a palette meme request you can’t stop me. bucky, req’d by galerian-ash

bucky’s hair is really important to me for reasons i have a hard time putting into words and also i like drawing him with a bun……………..


Mourning rings, England (1785), Victoria & Albert Museum

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House on Archer Street. Monterey, CA. (by m. wriston)

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♪ end of the line.

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starry pattern I did a while back. :o)

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Chris Evans at the San Diego Comic Con, July 2014

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'I've learned there's two types of people in Iraq: those who are very good, and those who are dead. I'm very good. I've lost 20 pounds, shaved my head, started smoking, my feet are half rotted off, and I move from filthy hole to filthy hole every night. I see dead children and people everywhere, and function in a void of indifference. I keep you and our daughter locked deep inside, and I try not to look there.' Dawg, you think that's too harsh?

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1939- British soldier takes tea to comrades working to repair banks of River Ravensbourne which flooded south London.

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This is the ceiling of one of my classes in tours, France today.